How Long Is Your Tech Resume?

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Remember that the tech recruiters will only spend a few seconds reviewing your resume. So the higher the page count, the less likely they will focus on the primary content.

Fitting all the content within one page was always one of my biggest challenges.

If you just start applying for the first jobs, you might not have enough work experience and skills to fill in an entire page.

On the other hand, for those with five or six years in the industry, it can feel overwhelming to fit all of your content into one page.

It's important to stick to the resume length rule:

  • If you have less than seven years of experience in an industry, your resume should be restricted to one page.

  • If you have more than seven years of experience, you may extend this limit to include additional pages, depending upon the number of years in the industry.

To keep your resume to one or two pages, it's essential to be clear and concise. Don't delve into long-winded descriptions of your relevant work experience.

Everyone's resume will be different because your resume tells your professional story. Thus, you have the ability to play with different formats to achieve the optimal length.

Your resume might have sections that your coworker won't have. The important thing is that your resume lists all relevant and up-to-date information and presents the best possible representation of you.

Understanding resume length will ensure that you include relevant information focused on achievements and will give you a leg-up on the competition.

Check out my latest resume to see how it fits on one page.