How To Fill The Contact Information In Your Tech Resume

How To Fill The Contact Information In Your Tech Resume

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One of the most important parts of your resume is your contact information because it tells recruiters where you live and how they can best reach you.

Sometimes, your location will make or break whether you get a job interview. Some companies are looking for a local candidate, while others are more open to candidates from all across the world. So it's important to list your contact information in a prominent location.

But which contact information should you include on your resume?

#1. Your name

The first piece of information that you list should be your full name.

You may use your legal first name, or if you typically go by a shortened version, you may list that too.

For example, if your name is Katherine, but you typically go by Kate, it's appropriate to include Kate as your first name, but you shouldn't include your nickname. It's important to keep your resume formal.

#2. Phone number

The second piece of contact information you should include is your phone number.

You can list your home and cell phone numbers, but it's important to only list phone numbers where you can readily accept a recruiter's call.

You shouldn't list your work phone number if your current employer is not aware that you're searching for a job because it's generally unprofessional to receive a recruiter's phone call at your current position.

#3. Post address

Third, you should include your mailing address. You can choose to include your complete mailing address, or simply, the city and state.

When I was creating my resume for jobs in Denmark, I chose to include my full mailing address.

If you're applying for international roles, it is crucial that you include the country you're currently residing in.

#4. Email address

Fourth, you'll want to provide your email address. When including your email, it's important that you use a professional one. An example might be

Lastly, you may want to include a link to your personal website or portfolio, or a link to your professional network profile, like LinkedIn.

This can give recruiters a more comprehensive overview of who you are without having to add extraneous or irrelevant information to your resume.


Contact information is one of the most important aspects of your resume, and should be complete, up-to-date, and professional. This will ensure you make a great first impression and provide a recruiter with sufficient means to contact you.

Thanks for reading. Check out my latest resume to see how I put my contact information there.