How to organize your tech resume

How to organize your tech resume

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As you might know, recruiters spend about 7.4 seconds scanning your resume. So it's important to ensure the most relevant information is easily accessible.

The most relevant content will change depending on the amount of relevant work experience you have.

If you're a recent high school or college graduate, you may want to list your education section towards the top of your resume as you might not have any relevant work experience.

On the other hand, if you've been in the industry for several years and have accumulated a lot of relevant work experience, you'll want to prioritize this section.

Secondly, your contact information should be readily available, complete, and easy to locate.

But how you choose to display these sections on your resume can change depending upon which presentation style you wish to use.

The traditional resume layout is vertical with your name and contact information at the top followed by the section you wish to showcase.

When building my resume, I had several relevant jobs, so I chose to highlight my work experience section above my education section.

You might also do a horizontal layout with a sidebar on the left or right-hand side containing your name, contact information, and tertiary information such as your skills or awards.

The sidebar would span the entire vertical height of your resume and take up about a third of the overall page width.

The main content area containing work experience, or education would also span the entire vertical height but would fill two thirds of the page width.

The main goal when building your resume layout is to put the primary content at the top followed by the secondary and tertiary information.

Thanks for reading. Check out my latest resume to see how I lay it out.